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Blue floral brass urn
Blue Floral Brass Urn

Purple urn with decorative gold band

Royal purple urn copy
Royal Purple Urn

Wrapped American flag

American glory urn
American Glory Urn

Black etched with 3 gold bands

Royal garden urn
Royal Garden Urn

This beautiful Gleaming Red Brass Urn is a single urn, with a red mirror finish. The red and gold colors are beautifully contrasted.

Gleaming red brass urn
Gleaming Red Brass Urn

Blue mottled urn

Cerulean marble urn
Cerulean Marble Urn

Solid Feather Wood

Sansa wood urn
Sansa Wood Urn

Rosewood urn

Duncan wood urn v2
Duncan Wood Urn
Brushed bronze urn
Brushed Sheet Bronze Urn

Iridescent urn with cross

Gleaming cross brass urn
Gleaming Cross Brass Urn

The Mother of Pearl Brass Urn is hand made and requires no maintenance. A gleaming combination of the finest Mother of Pearl and timeless brass, this piece is uniquely brilliant.

Black mother of pearl urn
Black Mother of Pearl Urn
Utility plastic urn
Utility Urn
This is a curated selection of our most popular options. We have many more to choose from and you can upgrade at anytime after payment.